Gardening Toys

Gardening Toys

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

 - Alfred Austin (Poet and Journalist)

Its true that gardening can be a wonderful activity to explore with your child. Even if its potted plants in your urban apartment, it is something your child might enjoy. Most children love getting their hands into the soil, digging and spending time outdoors. And if your child gets sidetracked into making mud pies, forget how much cleaning you'll have to do and join the fun!!

Gardening fosters a love for nature, it acquaints children with an understanding of the natural world, how plants grow, that they need to be watered every day, soil conditions, using compost etc. It brings about responsibility too.

Children love harvesting what they have grown and will eat with joy what they have grown, so do try to incorporate their home - grown veggies into a dish of their choice.

Here are some gardening toys that Toyroom offers:

Little Greenkeepers' Gardening tools with mini Watering Can

This set includes a trowel, rake and shovel. Each tool is constructed of real, high quality metal, with a durable hardwood handle. It also comes with a metal sprinkler can.

These are the basic gardening tools any little gardener needs to get started with!

DIY Unicorn Flower garden

The flower garden kit, comes with a beautiful long metal planter and three varieties of flowering seeds. There is a coco peat cake that can be mixed in the soil and it promotes better growth of the plants. 

There is a wonderful DIY element to this set. There are 5 wooden  unicorn themed soil inserts that children can colour and use to label their garden. The set of crayons for this is enclosed. The children can also draw on the planter or colour it.

DIY Dinosaur herb garden

The herb garden has all the elements of the Unicorn garden. The difference is that this set comes with seeds of common herbs used in our homes. The soil inserts in this set are dinosaur themed.


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