Our Story

Since our inception, Toyroom has been focused on bringing the very best handcrafted wooden and natural toys for tickling imagination, creating wonder and sparking joy in Indian children & families alike! We started out with importing high quality German toys but recently saw the value in and moved to “Making in India” supporting local artisans and exercising our creative energies in making products keeping the the child’s best interest - “FUN” with the parent’s best interest - “LEARNING” at the core of all our creations!


We believe that childhood is a magical time to be honoured and nourished.  Our selection of toys is inspired by Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio methods of Education and designed to nurture the imagination and holistic growth of the child. Our belief that all children should be allowed to grow, flourish and be free to play and discover for themselves comes from these ideologies.

Core Values:

- We have researched and discovered some of the finest toy makers in India, many of which were also small family businesses, passionate about their craft and providing nourishing play things for a simplified childhood. We also largely work with small organisation that provide vocational training to women with disabilities or no support.

Our products are thus responsibly procured and handcrafted by local artisans who have worked in this field for many years, making them empathetic to simple needs of children’s products like smoothening edges, using water based non-toxic paints and work alongside us to ensure our designs are in line with manufacturing intricacies.

- We strive hard to create original designs that are very open ended so kids can use their creativity in playing with them in different ways. We try and keep them very simple. We want to create toys that spark joy in kids. Toys nowadays have very specific teaching goals for kids, which takes away the fun from play-time. We try and make products with 2 – 3 core values so that the child is not overwhelmed with all the different aspects of the toy and instead the child can create their own creative ways in engaging with the toy. We try and make sure the toy grows with the child.

- Lastly we emphasize on making toys that keep the “fun” quotient alive for kids while helping them hone important “life skills” in a very tacit manner! Since the design ideology is to keep the product as open ended as possible, kids can be the “innovators” and find multiple ways to play with a toy. This makes them feel in charge and helps them in finding new facets which we as adults often miss. We firmly focus on early introduction to kids being mindful and aware of their surroundings. We try and make sure we keep our products and packaging as plastic free as possible.