Introduction to the world of knitting - Lucet knitting fork, kumihimo flower tool

Introduction to the world of knitting - Lucet knitting fork, kumihimo flower tool

Knitting invokes a feeling of comfort in many of us. The rhythmic movement of the hands, the gentle clicking of the needles and the promise of warmth for a cold winter.

The origin of knitting is a mystery. We can guess how old weaving is because they were ancient Greek Gods like Arachne who was a weaver. No such luck with knitting! Based on knit artifacts, we can guess that it originated in the 5th century.

Introducing our children to this old craft is a very good idea, indeed!  Knitting builds dexterity and strength in those small muscles which control the hand, fingers, and thumb—all critical for later writing skills. Finger knitting also encourages eye-hand coordination, concentration, and perseverance—all equally important for children’s development.

Lucet fork:

A lucet fork is also known as a knitting fork and is a tool used in cord making and braiding. The lucet fork has been used for generations and is believed to date back to Viking and Medieval periods.

This knitting fork is a great instrument for children to use and make their foray into knitting. It helps in developing their fine motor skill and finger strength. Overall, an easy and fun way to introduce them to knitting. This fork is made from smooth neem wood and designed to suit children’s hands.

With this knitting fork they can create a bracelet, a rakhi or a friendship band. The best gifts are handmade!

Kumihimo Flower Disc:

Kumihimo is the traditional Japanese art form of making braids and cords. Kumihimo literally means “gathered threads”. The Kumihimo disc is a more recent invention that made kumihimo accessible to the general populace.

The Toyroom Kumihimo braiding disc is a flower-shaped tool made from beech wood, with markings to make different designs. While working with this tool, one little child who was also doing math tables practiced skip counting!

This tool can also make friendship bands, bracelets, rakhis and drawstrings. Adding little beads will make the braid more quirky!

Both the knitting tools are easy to use and come with three balls of yarn.

Here are the videos that will help learn their use.
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