Pirate themed toys from Toyroom

Pirate themed toys from Toyroom

Ahoy, Me Hearties! Who amongst us doesn’t feel excited hearing some pirate lingo? It’s easy to see how pirates can capture the imagination. Donning bicorn hats or scarves, on ships with their skull and cross bone flags to warn the populace and their swashbuckling, devil-may-care attitude – we tend to forget that they were thieves and just focus on the adventure of riding the high seas. This highly romantic version of pirates may not match reality but it is often fascinating to adults and children alike.

And despite being the bad guys it is possible to think of some good traits for pirate play.  

They were brave and fearless in sailing across the seas for their adventures. Pirate captains also had to demonstrate leadership in managing their motley crew. They maintained order, discipline and a strict moral code, keeping them happy with their fair share of the treasure.

And of course there is lots of fun to be had burying treasure, following a treasure map, and making each other walk the plank.

The act of sailing too requires skill and involves everything that an explorer would need. They needed to navigate the seas, needed maps and spyglasses (telescopes) to find their way about.

It was this that inspired Toyroom to come out with the latest offering of the pirate sets.

The sets have been made with the idea of becoming useful props in a pirate game, at the same time allowing children to have a DIY element in the set. The telescope and compass are scientific instruments that will allow your child to explore their use. You could set up a scavenger hunt for the children where the clues include directions for them to use the compass. An I spy game can get a new lease on life if you include the use of the telescope with it.

Children can decorate the wooden box with colours and designs of their choice and thus make their own treasure chest and paint their own golden coins.

Children love little treasures of their own, be it a shell they picked from a beach to a tiny lego figure and this box is perfect to store them.

The wandering pirate scroll game is based on moving the pieces in a direction and engages them in referencing the compass.

Avast ye! Here are the offerings from Toyroom:

  1. Little Explorer’s Complete Pirate Box:

The Little Explorer’s Pirate Box is a perfect gift gif for your child. It comes with the following toys:

  1. Wooden DIY Treasure Box with paints for colouring it
  2. Coins
  3. Wandering pirates scroll game, with DIY pegs and a wooden dice.
  4. Compass
  5. Telescope

 Little Explorer’s DIY Pirate Treasure Box

  1. Wooden DIY Treasure Box with paints for colouring it
  2. Coins
  3. Wandering pirates scroll game
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