Raising Readers

Raising Readers


Confucius may have send many mind twisting things in his lifetime, but on the subject of reading, he was quite clear. For he said, “You must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”

No one can deny the importance of reading. While many of us have been fortunate to have developed the love of books by some happy chance, one wonders if it is indeed possible to somehow transfer this love of books to someone else, more specifically to our own children. Let’s think about this a little more. Who doesn’t love a good story? Indeed, a story presented well can capture the imagination of just about anyone. Reading allows us to enter the world of someone else’s creation. So how do we help inculcate the love of books?

Start early

Little children like books. They like the feel of the pages and the pictures. They like to look at them through their own pace. Allow your child to explore books in the way they want to. You can start as early as 5 months, giving them a book during tummy time.

Cultivate a love of good books

We introduce our child to books of our choice in the early years. There is a plethora of books and children’s literature available. It would be great to spend some time exploring what kinds of books we can procure for our child.

Have a reading routine

A reading ritual is a wonderful way to both bond with your child as well as keep the love of books alive. Bedtime reading makes for a cozy, relaxing ritual and at the same time boosts your child’s cognitive development.

 Let them see you reading

If you want to raise a reader, then you need to lead the way! Children tend to do a lot of things that they see us doing. In the demanding life of a parent, we often let our reading habits slide. It’s nice for children to see us engrossed in the act of reading.

 Join a library

Joining a library is a great was to bring about an interest in reading. It gives your child an opportunity to look around and choose a book they think they might like. At that time, do respect your child’s choice. If possible take a two-book plan to allow you to choose a book for your child as well!

 Here are some links to acquaint you with some wonderful children’s books and authors out there!










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