Summer fun - Crotchet water balloons

Summer fun - Crotchet water balloons

Summertime. For any child in India, it’s synonymous with summer holidays and fun times!

Summer is the sweet taste of mangoes. Eating ice cream bars or sipping cool lemonade. Standing in front of the whirring fan of a cooler when you come home from the sweltering heat of the outdoors. It's meeting cousins and family. Summer is time spent indoor building Lego or playing bluff. It’s time spent outdoors playing cricket in your colony. A little heat won’t deter the love of sport, all you need is some shady headgear! And of course, summer is water play. Time to make a beeline for the community swimming pools. Or just have a water fight in your backyard!

The idea of crotchet water balloons is to have some safe and unsupervised summer water play.

Some features of the crotchet balloons are:

Easy to use, No filling or tying up required

The crotchet balloons don't need to be filled with water. Just dip them in water for about a minute. The material is absorbent so it soaks up water.

These balloons don't swell up like water balloons, they are made of yarn and the yearn soaks the water. However, when they are thrown, they create a splat like the regular water balloons. After throwing they will have to be dipped in water again.
So it’s a dip- soak- throw - repeat

Safe and reusable

The water balloons are completely safe, with no fear of them snapping or inadvertently hurting any child. Playing with these crotchet balloons will ensure no frayed tempers as they don't hurt when thrown at someone unlike the water balloons that can cause quite a sting.

They can be washed and reused over and over.

Allows Independent play

The crotchet balloons work like a sponge, so all that is required is to dip them in a bowl/ bucket of water and throw them. They retain water to their capacity. There is no need to tie them up also. Typically, knotting the regular balloons is hard for a child and without this step, even young children can use them independently.

Eco friendly and Sustainable

Typically water balloons have Latex and the remains are not great for the environment. There is no wastage like regular water balloons where some of them have holes and are leaky. Also these are reusable. The crotchet water balloons make for guilt free summer play!!

The water balloons can be used during holi celebrations, in your lawn or in the pool and make for great party favours.

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