The fun of exploration - Explorer toys

The fun of exploration - Explorer toys

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit, says astronaut Frank Borman.

We are all explorers of our world and we do it in in many, many different ways. Children, of course, are born explorers and make new discoveries every day. To our jaded eyes, the world appears commonplace, known, routine. Children however are making new discoveries all the time.

They use all their senses, body and mind to explore. They observe the world around them. They run, jump, hide and climb as they discover new places, new creatures, and new ideas. Their curiosity knows no bounds.

It is this curiosity and enthusiasm that has led to so many discoveries and inventions and shaped our world. So allow your child to unleash their inner Columbus or Galileo with some of Toyroom’s Explorer toys!

The idea behind the Explorer range:

The idea behind the Explorer range of toys was to find ways to support a child’s natural tendency to explore.  Looking at the world from the lens of a magnifying glass, finding the frail network of veins running through leaves, or the latest creature they have spotted in the backyard is an adventure in itself. Why just these, they can look at anything from a spoon to paper from the furniture to the sky through the glass. Thus it also supports heuristic play – play in which children can examine everyday objects in an open ended manner.

The explorer range also allows children to discover our world in many ways, from pretend play of being a pirate or an adventurer to becoming a little astronomer who studies the constellations in the sky using the constellation coins. The compass allows children to navigate the idea of directions, whether they are pretending to discover new lands or participating in a treasure hunt with directions included as one of the clues. Thus the Explorer range was created to assist in children’s explorations.

Open ended:

The explorer range of toys is completely open ended allowing children to use the toys as they like. Open ended play has no pre-determined outcomes and limitations, thus allowing children to follow their creativity and their imagination.

Spark imagination, creativity:

We all want our children to develop according to their best potential. In play children often imagine the world without the actual physical limitations of the space and the time they are in. They can become anything, do anything and even imagine a world with different physical laws and dimensions. The toys can spark off ideas, a conversation or become props in their play.

The explorer toys will surely enhance the explorations of the children in play. And as Dr. Seuss says - Oh the places they’ll go!

Explorer toys:

Magnifying glass



 Constellation Coins

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