Wooden Toys – turning back time

Wooden Toys – turning back time

Wooden Toys have been around way longer than we realize. Think ancient Greek and Roman empires and a little boy in a toga pushing around a wooden cart. Archeologists have discovered toys such as horses, carts and dolls, all carved from multiple pieces of single wood that could be slotted together.

India has a rich heritage of wooden children’s toys. Wooden toys were found in the archeological digs of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa.

So, wooden toys making a comeback is like turning back time. And there’s good reason for that! Cutting through the clutter of plastic and electronics, these toys are gentle on the Earth. Wood is a non-toxic material most suitable for all ages, including babies who mouth their toys! And of course, wooden toys today are far more sophisticated and there is such a wide variety to choose from.

Heirloom toys

Toys made of certain kinds of woods can last for a really long time. So if you are looking for a wooden doll house, a balsa wood airplane, wooden play food, wooden animals, wooden car or a wooden tea set, these are all worth investing in and may well be in your family for generations!


While the afore mentioned toys such as a wooden car or wooden animals may be available in moulded plastic or other synthetic material, these eventually pollute the earth in the process of making as well in their disposal. Thus wooden toys are the sustainable choice.

Educational toys

Often, a lot of wooden toys can be quite open ended and promote many life skills. These include critical thinking, allowing self-directed and engaged learning as well as making connections. Toys such as a wooden marble run, or Montessori wooden toys like the Montessori knife and cutting board or others like the wooden rainbow, wooden activity cube and wooden blocks are a great way to for children to explore and develop these life skills.

Promotes pretend play

Pretend play is significant for children! There are many advantages to pretend play that we may miss as adults. Through pretend play, children learn about their world and themselves. They learn to consider other’s perspectives, transfer knowledge from one situation to another, develop a plan and act on it and assign roles and tasks. Young children use toys like a wooden kitchen set, a wooden doll, wooden play food, a wooden train set etc. for their pretend play.

Gross motor skill toys /Vestibular skill

There are many gross motor skill toys like a push wagon or a wooden climbing frame. A wooden rocking horse or a wooden scooter board also stimulate the vestibular sense.

Fine motor skill toys

Montessori wooden toys such as the Montessori knife and cutting board, the citrus juicer and the mortar and pestle all promote fine motor movement.

Investing in a wooden toy is a great decision for your child as well as the environment.

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