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Little Explorer’s DIY Pirate/ Princess Treasure Chest

Little Explorer’s DIY Pirate/ Princess Treasure Chest

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Age group: 3+

Key Features:

  • A complete DIY kit of all that you need to create Pirate/ Princess props
  • High quality wooden treasure box for them to use their creativity to customize with hinged lids for easy opening and closing.
  • Comes with paints to unleash your creativity and customize your props


What will I get:

Wooden DIY Treasure Box with paints for colouring and wooden coins.


Boost Creativity and Imagination, fine motor skills develop with DIY, building responsibility for own valuables/keepsake.

Product Description:

Pirates or Princesses who can resist their charm? Children will love discovering the possibilities of this wooden treasure chest that comes with wooden coins and paints to decorate the chest/ coins.  Kids of all ages and have a fantastic time decorating this solid box and the coins in a pirate or princess theme or make their own unique designs!

They’ll enjoy stashing their treasures in this DIY treasure boxes! Have their own keepsakes!


Perfect for party favours! And to add that extra fun element to your party, use this as an activity during the party for friends to make their own return gifts!!


Use it as an arts and crafts project that will unlock imaginations and encourage lots of creativity. And working on art projects helps kids develop a variety of social skills including sharing and helping others.


Play possibilities:

Pirate/ Princess Pretend play, art and craft with the DIY element.

Material:  Wood

Item Size (L x W x H):

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