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Sensory Play Scarves - Organza scarves - set of 7 Waldorf Inspired play scarves (colors may vary)

Sensory Play Scarves - Organza scarves - set of 7 Waldorf Inspired play scarves (colors may vary)

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Age group: 6 months +

Key Features:

  • 7 pcs juggling scarves, the scarf is in square, and suitable size for common using. Reusable & washable.
  • Use it as dressing accessories and decoration, such as hair neck bag waist wrist scarf.
  • Bright colors meet various needs for pretend play.
  • These scarves are suitable for kindergarten, dance group, magic performance, square juggling dance, musical play, pretend play, etc.

 What will I get:

7 multi-colour scarves in organza. Bundle comes with bright scarves in 7 different shades.


Sensory development, open ended play, creativity, imagination, learning colours 

Product Description:

These Satin Play scarves are inspired by Waldorf Toys. Play scarves allow the children to use their imaginations.

Use them for capes, dress up, doll blankets, costumes and accessories, and more! Loved by both boys and girls. Your children will love to dance, move, and dress up with these scarves.

The fabric is such that it can be a great accessory for music and movement. Kids will love to learn how to juggle with these since the scarf comes down slowly fiving them enough time to catch hold of/ throw up the other!

It’s a multi-faceted open ended toy. Tie it around waist, it becomes a skirt, put it around the shoulders, it’s a cape, tie around your forehead you are a pirate, use it as a scarf. Arrange your toys around it to make great playscapes! Use the green as grass, the blue as water, the orange as the sun, the yellow as a flower!

These come in a convenient pouch of the same fabric!

Hand wash will help with longevity!

 Play possibilities:

Sensory play for younger children, Peek-a-boo, pretend play, use as a loose part to tie other loose parts or as a back drop. Endless possibilities!

 Material: These scarves are made from organza fabric, comfortable to wear, breathable, lightweight.

 Item Size in cms (L x W x H): 52cm x 52 cm

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