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Toyroom DIY Unicorn Flower garden

Toyroom DIY Unicorn Flower garden

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Key Features:

  • Unicorn flower garden with plain white planter to decorate
  • Three types of flowering seeds to sow and nurture
  • Perfectly complements our Little Greenkeepers' Gardening tools 
  • Unicorn-themed wooden inserts that brighten your flower garden and also keep a record of the name/date etc.


What will I get:

Seeds, Planter, Coco peat cake, 5 wooden soil inserts to label, paints to colour/ decorate inserts and planter.


Planting and nurturing the seeds will help in strengthening your child’s hand. It will bring about an interest in gardening and nature. Learn about the parts of a plant. Promote sensory play with soil, water etc. Build a sense of responsibility.


Product Description:

The DIY Unicorn garden is a perfect gift for your budding gardener to sow and grow plants from scratch.  While getting their hands dirty, also builds interest in plants, and how they grow and they experience the satisfaction of creating a beautiful garden of flowers. They might have a million questions about how plants grow, and what they need and it might further pique their interest in botany.


The DIY component includes colouring and decorating the wooden inserts and the planter. The sets come with paints to colour on the themed inserts and decorate the planter, allowing them to express their creativity.


An ideal opportunity to spend time in nature!


Play possibilities:

Sowing seeds, decorating planter, decorating inserts, learning to label. Using the flowers any way you like – from making a flower arrangement, flower pressing or making a flower rangoli.

You can read books about seeds and plants. A couple of recommendations we have are:

A tiny Seed – Eric Carle

A Seed is Sleepy - Dianna Hutts Aston


Material: Metal and wood

Item Size (Planter) in cms (L x W x H): 30 x 15 x 11

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