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Toyroom Wooden Magnetic Compass

Toyroom Wooden Magnetic Compass

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Age group: 5+

Key Features:

  • Nautical Wooden compass
  • Clearly marked directions

 What will I get:

  • Magnetic wooden compass
  • Scroll game to understand directions


Learning concept of direction, life skill for trekking or camping, abstract reasoning and learning to visualize while problem solving.

 Product Description:

A great choice for gifts or return gifts. Ideal for scavenger hunts, orienteering, learning directions, fun explorer activities for kids.

The compass must be held horizontally so that it can rotate freely. On the dial, W stands for West, N stands for North, E stands for East, and S stands for South. The red on the pointer is the N pole, and the white is the S pole.

Do not approach ferromagnetic objects when using the compass, high-voltage lines and electromagnetic devices, etc., to avoid errors and reduce compass sensitivity. The main objective of this compass is to help kids learn about directions through play and discovery. The needle won’t be extremely stable hence not appropriate for actual hiking/ adventure/ navigation.

Comes with a little scroll game to understand directions

 Play possibilities:

Identifying directions, using scroll game to understand directions.

Here are some games designed for using with the compass -

 Material: Wood & Glass

 Item Size in cms (L x W x H): 8 x 8 x 3 cm

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