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Wobbly Wooden Balancing Santa Game

Wobbly Wooden Balancing Santa Game

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Age group: 2+

Key Features:

Wobbly wooden Santa that helps kids learn about balancing and taking turns

  • Game of skill entertains while it
  • Brightly painted wooden pieces are durable and easy to grasp
  • The last to place a gift on the Santa before it tips, wins

 What will I get:

  • Game includes a wobbly Santa base, one die, 24 stacking pieces and an ideas booklet.
  • Comes in a super cute customisable Santa sack with a pouch to store the gift pegs!


It helps kids develop their motor skill in picking up the pieces. It give children the idea of balance, coordination, and cooperation. It introduces the use of a dice to them.

 Product Description:

This year too many kids made it to Santa’s Nice list. He comes balancing so many gifts. But wait! Can you help him balance them all at once? Giggles and squeals are bound to erupt as the Santa rocks and tip… tip… tips over! This wooden Santa Balancing Game is sure to thrill little ones as they roll the die and place the pieces on the wobbly Santa until he tips. A simple balancing game provides entertainment while it develops balance, cooperation and coordination.


This is a game of skill that can be played on your own or with up to 3 other players.

Aim of the game:

The wooden discs have to be placed very carefully on the Wobbly Santa, so that it does not lose its balance and tip over.

Preparing the game:

The wooden Santa is placed face-up on the table like a see-saw.

How to play:

The first player throws the dice and then places a wooden gift peg of the appropriate colour on the Santa. All of the pegs must be placed on the Santa while taking turns on the dice; the colour of the dice determines in each case the colour of the disc to be played. Each player chooses a side to place the discs on. If there is only one player, they can choose where they want to place the pegs.

 Play possibilities:

  • All of the gift pegs must be placed on the Santa in such a way that it does not lose its balance and tip over.
  • The gift pegs can be placed on top of and next to each other. They can be placed horizontally or vertically.
  • With several players, the player who makes the discs fall off the Santa is out. The remaining players then continue play without that player.
  • The colour of the dice determines the colour of the pegs to be played, it may so happen that the smaller pegs are at the bottom and the larger, heavy pegs at the top. This means that laying the pegs becomes a game of skill. By laying a small disc skilfully, it is possible to make play for the next player very difficult. Santa will remain calm and cheerful throughout.
  • Create your own version and play as you like. Enjoy!

Material: Wood

Item Size (L x W x H): 12 x 9 x 2 cm

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