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Wooden Fraction Puzzle - (6 layers) Math Aid

Wooden Fraction Puzzle - (6 layers) Math Aid

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 Age group: 3+

Key Features:

Wooden circular puzzle with 6 layers

Multi Layered Fraction Puzzle

  • Non-toxic Wooden puzzle for learning important Math concepts
  • Stem Toy

 What will I get:

  • Colourful wooden circle puzzle with 6 layers of differently sized circle segments.
  • The base has the concentric circles marked in the respective colours.
  • The circle segment pieces in corresponding colours.
  • Totally 21 pieces (Including Base) 


Sensorial learning of shape awareness, matching and pairing. Mathematical learning such as learning to sequence, division as well as portions, fractions and pie-graphs.

Helps practice fine motor skills and promotes cognitive development.

Product Description:

The Toyroom fraction puzzle is a wooden circle layer puzzle that teaches the division possibilities of the circle playfully.

This is a colourful wooden puzzle with concentric circles of stacked puzzle pieces of each circle layer. Each circle level/layer is coloured which stimulates your young children with problem solving through matching the pieces to form the correct completed circle shape, whilst teaching the mathematical benefits of learning to sequence, matching, pairing, shape awareness as well as portions, fractions and pie-graphs!

This wooden puzzle is suitable for very young children and pre-schoolers, as well as for special needs children and early education resources. This bright, wooden puzzle contains 20 colour coded wooden pieces which form the various sizes of circles layering upon one another to finally lay in the included circular tray.

 Play possibilities:

  • Build the puzzle in the tray guided by the colours of the pieces on the base
  • Build a circle outside the base using a combination of differently coloured pieces
  • Build equivalent fractions, outside the base

Material: Wood

Item Size (L x W x H): 12 x 12 x 2 cm

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